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New year - new opportunities

01.01.2019 || place: Pro Dexter home

We start the new year with our dog family :) As you know last year, after the European Dog Show, Bobek lived with us - Belgian Griffon - a dog with a beauty for connoisseurs :)

Bobek became Orton's best friend, and although other dogs from our team at the beginning did not like him, but now they do everything together and often sleep together :)

Bobek was already on two shows in puppy class with a great result - Best Puppy in Breed :) Keep your fingers crossed for Bobek :) of course for Orton, Unia, Turbo, Hera, Cessar and Furi too :) a few of them have already finished their show career but are still making our lives happy and pleasing!

Regards Sandra and Pro Dexter team

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