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If you dream of a yorkies companion and would like to become the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier from our kennel, fill in the following questionnaire and send it back to us by e-mail to the following address:

The questionnaire aims to get to know you better as a future owner, it will help us to adjust the dog to your lifestyle, conditions and meet your expectations - thanks to this, both the dog and you will be satisfied and happy.

Filling out the questionnaire is not tantamount to buying / booking a puppy - we care about good, responsible and loving homes for our puppies, so after receiving the completed questionnaire, we will contact you to talk by phone or meet in person.

The questionnaire will not be published by us anywhere and no information contained therein will be made available to third parties.

  1. name and surname, e-mail, phone number

  2. where and how do you live?

  3. do you have children? if so, write what age they are and what experiences they have with animals.

  4. Is the decision about owning a dog and breed selection consulted with the family? does anyone have concerns or are strongly against this idea?

  5. Who and why will be the main guardian of the dog?

  6. What prompted you to choose this breed?

  7. What were your guidelines when choosing a breeding kennel?

  8. How did you find out about our breeding?

  9. What quality of puppies do you expect ?

    • for company

    • for sport (what?)

    • for dog show

    • for breeding

    • other (what?)

  10. What gender would you like your dog? (male / female / indifferent)

  11. Do you have or plan to have other pets? If you have pets:

    • What?

    • Do they cause behavioral or health problems?

    • Do they show aggression towards people / other animals?

    • Where they live?

    • Are they neutered?

  12. Do you know what kind of care the breed requires?

  13. What living conditions are you able to offer your dog? (time spent walking, grooming, playing, etc.)

  14. Would you go with your puppy to the dog's kindergarten and for puppy training ?

  15. Are you or are you planning to be a member of a cynological organization? if so, how and why?

  16. How do you plan to protect your dog from uncontrolled reproduction? what do you think about castration / sterilization? Would you decide to undergo such a procedure?

  17. What are your expectations of the breeder? are you aware of the fact that the breeder puts a lot of work into breeding dogs, in raising a litter, in proper socialization, preparing animals for shows, competitions and exhibitions, but after collecting the puppy from the kennel, the role of a guardian and the person responsible for the good upbringing and handling of the dog will fall on you?

  18. Are you aware that having a dog is a duty for several years and you will have to provide your dog with: proper nutrition, supplementation, training, vaccinations and deworming, visits to the hairdresser and, in the event of an injury or health problems, also treatment?

  19. When you decide to get a puppy after the parents with DNA tested, you are more sure that you will have a healthy and compatible dog friend. However, the dog is a living organism. In the event of an accident / injury / illness, will you be able to afford treatment for your dog?

  20. Write what characteristics your dog should have to suit your lifestyle, expectations and conditions (character, temperament, size, etc.).

It will also be nice if you add a few words from yourself

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