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13.10.2018 || place: Naustdalshallen || judge: Zoran Roknić

We have only just back after the exciting time spent at the Euro Dog Show and here are more great news and successes Another daughter of Turbo (Beatles Black Super Stars) started in last weekend Norwegian Championships at just 12.5 months!!

*Nemi* Charis Yorkies Morning Star Nemi (Beatles Black Super Stars x Myrplassens Sol)

Junior class winner, CK, CAC, 3.btk

br. Lena Lystrup Oygard

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29.06.2019 || Trondheim CACIB || judge Ineke Zwaartman- Pinster What a day! cold, rainy and cloudy... and we in summer clothes (unfortunately I don't have photos from this show) judge Ineke Zwaartma

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