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our mission is breeding out for love and for health,
shows are just an addition


Dogs have always accompanied me in my life, from the cradle I was associated with the Yorkshire terrier breed. They accompanied me in play, sports, excursions and simply with home chores. The Yorkshire Terrier for me is a big dog in a small body, a strong, brave and daring character terrier.

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It is worth remembering that all terriers were originally hunting dogs, and Yorkies are no exception. Unfortunately, as time went on, the utility of terriers began to narrow, and eventually it was limited to the social field.

In addition, I began to notice that the fashion and demand for small dogs began to change the breed into mascots with weak bodies, so that they could fit into a purse ...

I say it firmly NO!


My mission is to breed not only beautiful dogs, but also healthy dogs with strong bodies that can enjoy life on mountain trips and accompany their owner in sports.
The Yorkshire Terrier is primarily a terrier that should move freely and not be held back by the body. A dog is at its best when it is not blocked by physical constraints.


I am aiming to see a change of mentality among the breeders, judges and owners of the Yorkshire Terrier. Health is your dog's number one priority in life. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not always a priority when breeding Yorkshire Terriers.

If I had to decide whether I want a future World Winner carrying defects (e.g. PL), and a healthy representative of the race who will not always win - I will choose the second.


Unfortunately, it is not obvious to many breeders... some people think that if the dog is beautiful and wins, it does not need to be tested because it is certainly healthy - unfortunately it is not true.

I believe that the current breed standard does not support better breed health. Most people blindly believe in their dog's weight, ignoring its size and its body development needs. My dogs are characterized by being of medium height (some say they are small) but their weight is perfectly normal as they have a very strong and muscular body. We care about not only positive developmentof our dogs, but also of their physical nature.


I strive to create Yorkshire terriers perfect in terms of exterrier, strong, muscular, with wide chest, with correct angulation of the front and hind limbs, strong loins, straight back and properly functioning ankle joints - thanks to which they can play and accompany its owner on several hours trips without problems.
I attach great importance to the head so that it retains its original expression, the muzzle should not be too short, and the eyes should be of medium size and not protruding, everything has to be proportionate.

The most important thing is honesty and informing future owners. Thanks to cooperation with other true breeders, breed lovers, genetics experts, we can development our breeding in the right direction.
The Norwegian Kennel Club helps us with this, has introduced obligatory PL and Prcd-pra genetic tests, I hope that in the future the rest of the tests for diseases to which the breed is prone will be introduced.


I cannot say or promise that we only breed healthy dogs, but we can guarantee that we are doing everything we can to achieve this. Our dogs have their own strengths and weaknesses, just like any other dog. We do not keep it a secret, the most important thing in development is trust and truth.
However, my dogs are a great example that show dogs can live a normal happy life in a healthy body.

If you have any questions or something is not clear to you, I invite you to discuss :) Anytime and anywhere I can talk for hours about our wonderful breed.


Welcome to my yorkie world...



Sandra Maria Grzelczak & Piotr Jaronski

Nittedal, Norway

phone: +47 405 93 767

Please call between 11:00 and 19:00 local time

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