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BEATLES Black Super Star *Turbo*

InterCh, MultiCh, GrandCh DURRER'S Make Some Magic x MultiJCh, MultiCh, GrandCh DURRER'S Catch the Wind


Turbo came to us from Ukraine, his ancestors is 100% of the best Canadian dogs, of which 99% is amazing, timeless and outstanding dogs from one of the most prestigious kennel in the world - Durrer's

Turbo has an amazing character, soft and calm but not without terrier's temperament :)

On his first show in life, at the age of 10 months started Champion of Norway,

only 5 months later (on the 3rd show of his career), had overcome all competitors and received the title



candidate for Norway Champion
3x Best Of Breed (BOB)
4x CAC, 3x r.CAC 7x CK, 4x Junior Winner, 4x Best Junior Male, 3x JunBOB


Clinical tests

Patellastatus (PL) - Free, Normal 0/0

Progressive retinal atrophy (Prcd-pra) - Free, clean

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