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23.04.2016 || place: Letohallen || judge: Una Rigney

It was a great day for us and our dogs :) our little Turbo at 10 months started Champion and unruly Hera with the show for the show presents better and better, I'm very proud of her. Tone Elisabeth Gulbrandsen Thank you for your help and Hera's handling!

Our results:

*Turbo* BEATLES Black Super Star (InterCh, MultiCh, GrandCh DURRER'S Make Some Magic x MultiJCh, MultiCh, GrandCh DURRER'S Catch the Wind) in the junior class exc. 1, Best Junior Male, CK, CAC, res. Best Male


*Hera* Pro Dexter DEJA VU (InterCh, MultiCh, GrandCh CESAR Dexter x ISIA Grandis) in the junior class exc. 1, Best Junior Female, CK, res.CAC/res.CERT, IV Best Female


*Unia* Ch. MultiJunCh. JClub Winner'15 XTREME UNIQUE Dexter in the intermediate class Ex.1, CK, res. Best Female


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